SWAP Australia

Eligibility: Canadians aged 18-30. No student status required.
Registration Deadline: 3 weeks
Repeat Participation: No
Visa Duration: Any period up to 1 year

Program Price:
$985 with accommodation with visa
$900 without accommodation with visa
Note: Both prices include the $420 AUD cost of the visa from the Australian High Commission. If you prefer, you can pay the SWAP fee separately and obtain the visa on your own.

$500 with accommodation, without visa
$425 without accommodation, without visa
Support Funds: $5,000 AUD. What are support funds?

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South Pacific Combo: Australia and New Zealand in One Go!

Make the most of your long journey - live, work and play in these two fantastic countries while you are Down Under! You will get to do both SWAP New Zealand and Australia, without having to come back to Canada between adventures. The cost of the program is $1450. The fee includes your visas for both countries and all of your support services when you arrive in each country. You'll have unlimited access to our partner's resource centres in Auckland and Sydney.

For more information contact info@swap.ca.

Want to Stay Another Year in Oz? Now You Can!

Work in rural Australia doing seasonal harvest work for a minimum of 3 months, and you can apply for a SECOND Working Holiday visa while you're still in Australia. Other jobs such as fishing, pearling or shearing have recently been added to the list of recognized jobs that allow this opportunity.

E-mail info@swap.ca for more details.

How Much Money Do I Need?

Here's an idea of how much day-to-day things in Australia will cost you, on average.

How Much Will It Cost to Get There?

Merit Travel offers special rates for students and youth. The awesome travel counsellors are committed to getting you the best possible rate on your flight. They are SWAP experts, and understand the time requirements, insurance, and everything else you'll need to get ready for your big adventure.