SWAP Austria
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Eligibility: Canadians who are full-time post-secondary students and/or recent grads. Part-time and high school students not eligible. Please see language requirements

Registration Deadline: Apply 5 weeks prior to departureRepeat Participation: No. Visa Duration: 6 months

Program Price:
$470 with accommodation
$420 without accommodation
Prices DO NOT include the $130 visa fee

Support Funds: Varies by age

Here are some lovely Austrian images. Remember, our partner, SuperTramp in Vienna is there to help you for the entire time you're in Austria.
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SWAP articles
Yes. No. Maybe? The Meaning of 'NA'

'Na' (pronounced 'nah') is one of the most versatile Austrian expressions. It is derived from the German word for no, 'nein', but has assumed many different meanings in Austrian vernacular. For example, a drawn-out 'naaa' means 'no'. But a short, incredulous 'Na!' means something like 'that can't be true!'.

Austrian Beer Fest

Dirndls, lederhosen, an oom-pah-pah band and beer: It doesn't get more traditional than this when the sleepy Austrian village of Altaussee wakes up for a nonstop beer party. Showing up in traditional garb is a must. So if you've ever wanted to don an Austrian dirndl or lounge around in lederhosen and knee socks for a few days - this is your chance.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

For SWAP Austria a working knowledge of German is required. In order for our partners in Austria to be able to best assist you, you will need to be confident that you can attend a job interview held completely in German. Without this level of language, we do not recommend you choose this program. The UK and Ireland offer a great opportunity to be able to visit Austria while being able to work in a country where you speak the language.

How Much Money Do I Need?

Here's an idea of how much day-to-day things in Austria will cost you, on average.

How Much Will It Cost to Get There?

Merit Travel offers special rates for students and youth. The awesome travel counsellors are committed to getting you the best possible rate on your flight. They are SWAP experts and understand the time requirements, insurance, and everything else you'll need to get ready for your big adventure.