SWAP Ireland

Eligibility: Canadians 18-35

Registration Deadline: Apply 6 weeks prior to departure

Visa Duration: Up to 2 years

Registration Fee: $425

Support Funds: $2,500. What are support funds?

Our partners, USIT in Dublin will help you have a fun time and successful working holiday while in Ireland.
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SWAP articles
Irishmen Lecture on Pub Ettiquette

You'd want to know when you're being out-of-line in another country, right? Maybe you've thought: Gee, it'd be great to get a local's perspective on etiquette. No? Well then do us all a favor and park your patoot just where it is, if you don't mind.

5 of Ireland's Best Beaches

Inviting culture, fascinating history... and even stunning beaches! Ireland really does have it all. We'd like to introduce you to 5 beaches that are among Europe's best, all of them in the southwest of County Donegal.

How Much Money Will I Need?

Here's an idea of how much day-to-day things in Ireland will cost you, on average. The source is the experts themselves, our partners in Dublin.

How Much Will It Cost to Get There?

Merit Travel offers special rates for students and youth. The awesome travel counsellors are committed to getting you the best possible rate on your flight. They are SWAP experts, and understand the time requirements, insurance, and everything else you'll need to get ready for your big adventure.