1. It's now or never.
    Visas have time limits so don't miss out.
  2. Great addition to your resume.
    International work experience always shows maturity and adaptability.
  3. Support, security, and reliability.
    Great pre-departure and post arrival services, so you don't have to go-it alone.
  4. SWAP services allow you to save money by getting organized quicker!
    Non-SWAPPERs will waste more days and spend way more money than the SWAP fee by having to figure out for themselves.
  5. Leave the boring paperwork to us.
    We take care of all the official documentation and give you all of the information you will need, leaving you free to have all the fun.
  6. Answers to all of your questions.
    Our staff, both in Canada and in your destination country, are there to answer any questions you might have and help you throughout your stay.
  7. Earn money to finance future travels.
    Working holidays are a great way to fund future travels abroad.
  8. Experience overseas as a local.
    As opposed to just being a tourist.
  9. Get a better sense of yourself in the world.
    Working & living in another country gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself and discover who you really are. You'll return home more confident and independent.
  10. Meet new friends...
    ... from all over the world. You'll make lifelong international friends through SWAP.
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