What You Get
Detailed, step-by-step instruction on how to fill out your visa application paperwork.
All the visa forms, information, checklists, and tips you'll need to have your visa approved.
The cost of the visa is included in the SWAP fee (except for SWAP UK, as of October 8th, 2014).
SWAP's visa experts go over your application and make sure it is perfect. If there are any errors, we contact you before the application is submitted to authorities.
Pre-departure resource and final information kit with all the materials (including your visa) you will need for your arrival in your destination. We include departure / arrival information, directions, and everything else you need to know before you leave Canada. The courier for this kit is included as well.
Many programs also include 2 nights' accommodation (optional), and a transfer from the airport.
Arrival orientation at our partner's hosting centre. They will go over everything you need to know about living and working in that country.
Up-to-date job postings and access to employer contacts.
Resume/CV workshops (essential for success as formats vary from country to country).
Accommodation boards, insider advice on what to look for and what to avoid when finding accommodation.
Ongoing opportunities to meet people from all over the world who are doing the same thing you are. Most of our participants meet their housemates and make lifelong friends though our overseas partner's social events, and by visiting the hosting centre.
Unlimited access to computers, Internet, phones and fax machines at the hosting centres.
Mailbox and mail forwarding services.
Help opening a bank account (it can be more complicated than you would imagine).
Detailed advice (and often fast-track services) on getting a SIN equivalent, so you can work sooner.
Instructions on how to claim taxes (and get money back) in your destination country.
A staff of travel-minded, fun, friendly people are there to assist you with anything you need advice or assistance with. They've got your back for the full duration of your stay.
Emergency support. If anything goes wrong, if you lose your passport, have a sketchy landlord, have a health problem, or anything else goes wrong, our overseas partners can help you 24/7.
Membership to exclusive online forums where you can talk to other SWAPPERS and check out job postings, social events, and what's going on in your destination country.
Doesn't have to worry about getting the work visa as SWAP does that for you.
Hopes they filled out the forms correctly when applying for work visas.
Has a Merit Travel counsellor there to answer any questions and help book tours and flights.
Needs to figure out everything on their own and has nobody to ask if they have questions.
Meets and gets to party with lots of new people from all over the world through the hosting centres' awesome events.
Has to find friends once they arrive in the destination, which can be difficult if looking for work and accommodation at the same time.
Has arrival accommodation pre-booked in one of our SWAPPER-approved hostels/hotels, regardless of season.
Has to find accommodation and hopes that it's as nice as it sounds (can be difficult in peak tourist seasons).
Receives a SWAP Final Kit that has all the pre-departure information they need including where to go and what to do when they get there.
Has to obtain their own tax number and open their own bank account - which can be very difficult, time consuming and costly.
Gets an arrival orientation where they get help to set up with a bank account and tax number right away.
Has to try to figure out how to find a job, where to look for a job without any guidance, tips, or support.
Has ongoing support and emergency support services available to them for the duration of their trip.
Is on their own and doesn't have anyone to fall back on if there are unexpected problems or emergencies.
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How Much Will It Cost to Get There?

Merit Travel offers special discounted rates for students and youth. The awesome travel counsellors are committed to getting you the best possible price on your flight. They are SWAP experts, and understand the time requirements, insurance, and everything else you'll need to get ready for you big adventure.