SWAP's Summer Camp USA

Summer Camp in the US

Spend a summer living the famous summer camp experience. Get paid to live in the great outdoors while having fun and meeting other camp staff from all over the world.

A Guaranteed Job

You'll have a guaranteed job working as a camp counsellor or camp support staff — you bring the enthusiasm and we’ll make sure you get a great summer job!

Support in Canada and the US

We make sure you find a job and we take care of all the paperwork for your visa. We'll be there for you throughout your entire camp experience, from beginning to end.

SWAP USA since 1999

We started offering SWAP programs to the United States in 1999!

SWAP's Summer Camp USA

  • IMPORTANT UPDATE: The 2019 camp application period is now closed. Please check back in early 2020 for your next opporunity!

    Feeling #FOMO trying to figure out the best way to spend your summer? Make it count by working the most fun job you can – at a summer camp! You will enjoy being in the great outdoors, gain new skills, make new friends, and have the best summer of your life. Don’t worry about finding a job because we’ll take care of that! We’ll hook you up with an exciting opportunity where you’ll help kids have a summer they will never forget (neither will you). There’s no other way to have this much fun, meet tons of new friends, and make big bucks while you’re at it.

    America is a top destination for Canadians wanting to work in the summer. There are lots of camp jobs and it’s close to home. It’s the perfect way to learn more about our American neighbours, get some international work experience to beef up your resume, and earn strong US dollars so you’ll come home with even more cash in your pocket.

    SWAP will find you an 8-12 week job placement as a camp counsellor (or in a support role; see below), working in an enthusiastic team of other counsellors looking to have just as much fun as you! You’ll be planning and running daily activities for campers. Improve your organizational skills and gain valuable leadership experience all while helping campers make some lifelong memories. Got some skills you want to show off? Speak multiple languages, have a lifeguarding certification, or know how to water ski? We can find the right camp for you!

    There are also faith-based opportunities if you are affiliated with a specific religious group. Even if you have no previous camp experience but you love working with kids, don’t worry! We can find a camp placement suited to your personality. Whatever your background and interests, there’s a camp out there calling your name.

    If working as a camp counsellor is not your thing, we have plenty of camp support positions available as well. You can work in an office/admin role, work in the maintenance department, or if you come from a culinary background, gain experience working in kitchen and food preparation for hundreds of campers. Work in a beautiful outdoor setting, watch that money build up in your bank account, and come home with new skills that will open the door to your next career.

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  • Your Visa

    Once you’ve been offered your camp job (and do your happy dance!) we take care of your J-1 Camp visa. All Canadian camp staffers working in the USA have to have a J-1 designation from a sponsor (which, as it happens, we are!) Your visa will allow you to work at your camp for the duration of your contract, plus you can travel around the US up to 30 days before and after your camp placement. That’s up to 2 months of travelling, with a job placement to help pay it all off. Why choose between working and travelling when you can spend your best summer doing both!

  • What's Included

    SWAP's here to support you both in Canada and throughout your stay in the USA. We make sure you get the job you want and have everything you need to head off for the summer of a lifetime.

    • A Skype interview with SWAP to go over the program steps to get you started
    • Assistance completing your Camp Profile to fit what employers are looking for, to increase your chances of getting your dream camp job
    • Interviews with employers and a guaranteed job offer*
    • Necessary visa documentation and associated fees
    • Four months of US State Department mandatory health insurance
    • GO SWAP Kit sent to you before you go, outlining everything you’ll need to prepare for camp
    • Online orientation to go over the basics of what to expect working in the USA (Social Security Number, registering with the government’s SEVIS system, and much more)
    • Full support from staff in the USA throughout the summer

  • Accommodation

    Your accommodation will be included as part of your job! Most camps offer shared accommodation with other camp counsellors or staff. Housing is provided for the duration of your contract. All meals are also included! Your paycheck can go straight to your savings now that rent and food are provided. It’s the easiest way to keep more of your hard earned dollars!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What kind of job can I expect to find once I’m on the program?

    How will I get a job at a camp?

    Can I find a job that puts my special skills/training to use?

    What part of the US are the camps in?

    What’s my accommodation going to be like? How about food?

    What is a J-1 visa and why do I need it?

    What is SEVIS?

    What are support funds?

    How much is SWAP's Summer Camp USA program?

    When should I book my travel to the US?

    I have worked in the US before on this program. Can I do this again?

    Can I travel outside of Canada while my Summer Camp USA application is being processed?

    Can my visa be mailed to me in the US?

    Can I begin work before my permit is issued?

    When will my visa start?

    What's Included when you GO with SWAP?

  • Booking SWAP's Summer Camp USA Program

    Now that you’re convinced that camp is the best way to earn money this summer, you can book online here and our staff will contact you as soon as possible. We'll make sure you understand each step clearly and we'll work with you to make sure you get the best counsellor or support job out there.

    SWAP includes all the support services you'll need before you leave and once you get to the USA. All visa documents will be taken care of and you'll be travelling and living the USA stress-free knowing we covered all your bases. Less worry and more fun camp days for you! It's a win-win!

Get paid to enjoy the great outdoors and help children have the experience of a lifetime at camp in the US!

Program Info

  • Eligibility

    You must be at least 18 years old and be available for at least 8 weeks any time between May to September. Camp support staff must be full time post-secondary students in the 2019/20 school year. Experience working with or spending time with children is an asset

  • Registration Timelines

    The 2019 camp application period is now closed. Please check back in early 2020 for your next opportunity.

  • Required Savings

    You must have $1000 USD in your account at the time of application. These "support funds" are the money that the US government requires you to have that proves you can support yourself throughout your stay in the US.

  • For Only

    SWAP's Summer Camp USA is only $600 CAD! Includes guaranteed job placement as a camp counsellor, J-1 visa sponsorship, help through the visa application process, and support from SWAP from start to finish

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