Have you ever wanted to work at a surf shop in Hawaii and spend your ten-minute break hanging ten? How about getting paid to lifeguard on Venice Beach or spend a New York minute working retail in the heart of Times Square? The Summer USA program gives you the chance to live the American Dream and work a seasonal job in any of the 50 states! From bustling cities, to quaint beach towns and picturesque national parks, the possibilities for summer fun are endless!

The Summer USA program must be purchased through a sponsoring agency officially nominated by the US Department of State. You cannot apply directly to this program with the US government. Sponsoring agencies appoint companies in countries around the world to offer the Summer USA program on its behalf, and SWAP Working Holidays is proud to offer this program to you in Canada.

"I worked as an Assistant Manager / Surf Instructor at surf school in Hawaii. I had the time of my life meeting new people, experiencing the Hawaiian culture, and exploring the islands. I applied to the job by sending out an email to the manager and ended up getting a response the next day that he would hire me if I was able to arrange my visa and accommodation - thank you SWAP :)"

- Alana, Hawaii, 2015
My belief is that experiences are what make up someone's life. Opportunities are everywhere; you just need to be willing to leave your comfort zone for a brief moment to seize them."

- Paul, North Carolina, 2014
"I love the ocean, sports and helping people, so being a Surf Rescue Technician for one of the best beach patrols in the world is simply amazing. It's not just a job, it's being a part of a big family and that's one of the reasons why I keep coming back every summer.

I've been using SWAP for now 4 years and the support I get every year is just fantastic."

- Aude, Maryland, 2014