Work in Australia

SWAP's highest rated program

★★★★★! Every year we survey our participants and the SWAP Australia program gets the highest praise for quality and its local staff!

Escape the Canadian winter Down Under

Say hello to golden tans and goodbye to wind chill! When it's winter in Canada, it's summer in Australia, so pack your sunnies and enjoy an unforgettable sun-filled working holiday in Oz!

Downtown Sydney hosting centre

It's right in the heart of the action in Australia's most exciting city, and just minutes away from the world famous Sydney Opera House!

SWAP Australia since 1986

We've offered the SWAP Australia program since 1986! Thousands of Canadians have been successfully living and working in Australia thanks to SWAP for 30 years.

SWAP Work in Australia

  • Calling all blokes and sheilas - get ready for the adventure of a lifetime Down Under! Say "g'day" to barbies (shrimp anyone?), late arvo beach walks, and some of the world's best festivals! Enjoy an endless summer by migrating to Australia during the Canadian winter or go any time to enjoy their year-round warm temperatures.

    Whether you're meeting mates for a coffee break (and a Tim-Tam slam!), a lazy brekkie, or at the local next to the bottle-o, every day of living in Australia is heaps of fun! With a minimum wage starting at over $18/hour, not only will you enjoy your work days, but we reckon you'll be able to fund your after-work outings and weekend travels, too. If you want to gain valuable resume-worthy career experience, you can live in a vibrant city like Melbourne or Sydney (consistently voted as 2 of the world's most liveable cities!). Your working holiday visa with SWAP is flexible, so if you want to work on an orchard, crocodile farm, picking fruit in the bush, or fulfill a life-long dream of working at a surf shop in a small coastal town (and perfecting your board skills), almost anything is possible! Supported by SWAP's famous guidance and resources (informed by 30 years of Australian working holiday expertise), you can decide how you want spend your working holiday abroad!

    We at SWAP are there for you every step of the way - through every step of your visa application to the moment you step off the plane on the other side of the world, and beyond. We have two hosting centres for you to choose from, located in the heart of Australia's two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne. Both centres have knowledgeable local staff, who will make sure you secure a phone, bank account, job and flat in no time and support you during your entire stay! With SWAP, your Australian adventure is smooth sailing!

  • Your Visa

    You will get a 1-year visa that allows for multiple entries into the country.

  • Local Support in Australia

    Get real support from our local staff for your entire working holiday. The staff are experts at work and travel and know Australia inside and out. They'll help you get set up, find a job and a place to live, be there to answer any questions you may have, or just to talk.

    You can choose between two hosting centres located in Australia's largest and most exciting cities: Sydney or Melbourne! Whether you want to be near the Opera House or heading down the Great Ocean Road, you choose the city the most appeals to you and we'll be there for you once you arrive.

    • Arrival orientation where you are provided with vital information on red-tape issues, finding work and accommodation, and living and travelling in Australia
    • 12 month membership to Australia's leading online job network / database for travellers + resume review service
    • Full access to ongoing guidance and support services at EITHER the Sydney OR Melbourne hosting centres for the duration of your stay
    • Immediate access to bank accounts and tax file processing on arrival
    • Airport transfer to the hostel (when you choose to add nights of accommodation)
    • 12 months mail drop and forwarding services
    • Australian SIM card and traveller's discount card

  • Social Community / Events

    One of the greatest advantages of going with SWAP is the immediate, built-in social network that you will be connected to as soon as you arrive! As early as your first orientation, you'll already be meeting fellow travellers in the same situation, and you'll get to know each other and meet many new people in the numerous social events that are held every month. It's the perfect opportunity to make new friends, find potential roomates, and network with people to find your next job. It's much easier (and more fun) than hanging out in a pub by yourself, or looking for roommates on the Internet.

  • Accommodation (just add accommodation when you book)

    You can easily add up to 5 nights of arrival accommodation in Sydney or Melbourne.

  • Our Famous SWAP Support and Resources

    We've been helping Canadians live and work in Australia since 1986, so we know what it takes to successfully apply for an Australian visa. That's part of the reason why thousands of Canadians choose SWAP to help ensure their application's success. Our dedicated visa experts will go over your application in detail and make sure it is perfect. If we notice anything, we'll work with you to make sure it's flawless before your paperwork is submited to the Australian government.

    Over 30 years of Australian visa expertise isn't the only thing you'll get on the SWAP Australia program.

    • We'll represent you in the visa application process and make sure your Australian working holiday visa is approved
    • You'll get a GO SWAP Kit, which has valuable information on your visa, as well as pre-departure preparation
    • As well as a "Work in Australia" handbook will be given to you at your orientation. This essential guide will prepare you for living and working Down Under
    • Travel map and tourist materials
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Working Holiday?
    When I sign up, do I have to travel right away and have everything ready?
    What types of jobs are available? Do you provide jobs to me?
    Can I find a job or apartment before I arrive?
    What if I don’t find a job?
    Can I find work in my field?
    Will I have time off to travel?
    Are there any additional fees?
    What is the cost of living in my destination?
    What does the age range mean exactly? If I'm near the cut off can I still get the full length of the visa granted to me?
    Is accommodation included in SWAP programs?
    How do I book nights of accommodation?
    How would I book more than 5 nights of arrival accommodation?
  • Booking the SWAP Work in Australia program

    Working and living in Australia with SWAP is easy. You can register online here or over the phone by talking to a friendly travel counsellor. The choice is yours and our staff will be there to help you either way! The program price includes all the support services offered in Australia (listed in the support section), plus all the support services offered in Canada by SWAP to make sure your application goes through without a hitch and your working holiday is a success.

Live and work in Australia in the most stress-free way imaginable

Program Info

  • Eligibility

    Canadians ages 18-35

  • Registration Timelines

    Apply for the SWAP Work in Australia program at least 6 weeks prior to your intended arrival

  • Length of Your Visa

    Any period up to 1 year

  • Required Savings

    You must have the amount of $5000 AUD saved in your account as of the day you submit your application. These are called support funds and are a requirement of the Australian government

  • For Only

    SWAP Work in Australia is only $900 CAD! That includes the full SWAP working holiday support system at home and abroad.

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Program Reviews

  • "If you're on the fence about taking the working holiday, just take it. If you're on the fence of going through SWAP, also just do it. The cost basically pays for itself with what they provide you and the time and stress that is avoided."

    Mike S. in Sydney, Australia

  • "Being able to meet people from all over the world and spending time at the beach after work. Australia is just an incredible country and Sydney is a beautiful city to live in. You can get it all in Sydney, whatever you're in the mood for, whether it be hanging out at iconic beaches like Bondi, hiking through the Blue mountains or Royal National Park, enjoying the nightlife in the CBD, checking out live bands in the hipster scenes of Newtown, or taking a stroll in the rich neighbourhoods of Paddington and Vaucluse - Sydney is a one stop shop and a great starting off point for working holidayers."

    Kimberly H. in Sydney, Australia

  • "SWAP is definitely worth every penny. Being a girl travelling abroad alone, I deeply appreciated that everything was taken care of for me, from the visa application to the transport voucher from Sydney's airport to my hostel. SWAP makes your arrival in a foreign country stress-free! They the kindest and most helpful staff I have ever seen, and they even become friends. I do not regret putting my trust and money in the SWAP program."

    Sandrine P. in Sydney, Australia