Japanese Language and Culture Program

Learn Japanese in Japan

Attend an accredited and award-winning Japanese school in the heart of Tokyo! Language classes are taught by expert instructors in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with small class sizes.

Experience the world's most unique culture

It's a fusion of traditional and modern cultures, and you get to choose between traditional and modern Japanese culture activities as part of you package!

Make it your welcome to Japan

Add the SWAP Japan program (at no additional cost) and start your work and travel adventure in Japan off right with this 2 week cultural welcome.

Going to Japan since 1987

We started offering programs in Japan since 1987! This was the same year as venerable Japanese video game franchises MEGA MAN and METAL GEAR began!

Japanese Language and Culture Program

  • There is so much to experience in Japan, but getting around without speaking the language can feel overwhelming. Everything from reading a subway sign to ordering from a picture-less menu can be a challenge. With SWAP's Japanese Language and Culture program, it's easy to learn Japanese to go beyond counting subway stations, have meaningful interactions with locals and get the experience you want in Japan!

    Besides gaining a deeper understanding of Japanese culture, you'll be reading, writing and speaking Japanese in no time! You will arrive in Tokyo and spend your first 2 weeks immersing yourself in daily Japanese classes and fun cultural activities in the afternoons. All levels are welcome (even complete beginners)! The program stands alone as the perfect introduction to Japan or it can act as a gateway into a longer-term working holiday visa.

    For your cultural activities, you can choose between traditional Japanese customs, such as a tea ceremony, Katana sword class, and learning calligraphy, or the modern activities option, which includes visiting a cat café or animation museum, dressing in your best cosplay, and learning to draw manga!

  • Japanese Language Classes

    Attend an accredited and award-winning Japanese school in the heart of Tokyo! Language classes are taught by expert instructors in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The small class sizes (maximum 7-8 students per class, but averaging around 4) allow for personalized instruction and opportunities to practice with your teacher. With all of the hands-on help, you'll see your progress at bullet train speeds!

    The conversational classes are divided into various levels, ranging from complete beginner to more advanced levels, so there is something for everyone. If you have never taken Japanese before, you are still welcome! Classes will show you essential communication techniques in structured lessons with a teacher, inside and outside the classroom. Studying Japanese in Japan also means you'll have the opportunity to practice what you learn in real-world scenarios. If you are a beginner, you will practice useful dialogues, such as asking for directions and shopping, so you can get the most out of your time in Japan! The afternoons are full of cultural activities that will take you around town to explore various aspects of Japanese culture - from traditional to modern - the choice is yours!

    Classes can be extended beyond the 2 week program when you are in Tokyo.

  • Your Choice of Cultural Activities

    Japan has a fascinating culture because it is a fusion of traditional and modern cultures, like no other place in the world. In Tokyo, you can start your day under cherry blossoms in a peaceful Japanese garden and end up in a adrenaline-fueling 6-storey arcade building (with a few sushi breaks in between!). Understanding Japanese culture goes beyond language, so in addition to taking lessons, you'll also get to choose 6 activities to complement your language classes and give you a first-hand understanding of Japanese culture. The best part is you get to choose between traditional and modern Japanese culture and decide how you get to explore Tokyo!

  • Go Traditional

    If you are interested in the culture that has shaped Japan for thousands of years, you can choose the traditional cultural activities option. Besides learning the language, you'll get 3 cultural experience classes each week to participate in cultural arts with other Japanese people. Some of the options you can choose from include: visiting temples, palaces, shrines, museums, participating in tea ceremonies, origami lessons, calligraphy, pottery, weaving and more! These activities will help you gain an understanding and appreciation for Japanese culture, while strengthening your bond to the community through active learning and participation.

  • Or Modern

    Japan's culture has greatly evolved in the last few decades to create the colourful explosion of pop culture we see today. From the whimsical world of manga to the daring fashion of the Harajuku district, Tokyo is at the helm of Japan's pop culture scene and you get to experience it yourself! You will take 3 cultural experience classes each week to strengthen your Japanese language studies. Some activities you can choose from in the modern activities option include: visiting a cat cafe, animation museum, manga drawing, dabbling in cosplay and more!

  • SWAP's Japanese Langauge and Culture Program Package

    We've been helping Canadians go to Japan since 1987, so over 32 years of Japanese adventure experience isn't the only thing you'll get on SWAP's Japanese Language and Culture program. You'll also get:

    • 2 weeks of Japanese classes taught by bilingual teachers
    • 2 weeks of accommodation in a private room at a guesthouse in Tokyo near the school
    • 6 fun cultural activities in either traditional or modern style, it's your choice!
    • Friendly and supportive staff and teachers to get you familiarized with Tokyo
    • All textbooks and registration materials for school
    • A welcome package collected upon arrival at your guesthouse in Tokyo
    • Your GO SWAP Kit, which you'll receive before you go full of pre-departure information
    • Tourist brochures and maps
    • 24/7 emergency phone number
    • Use of computers and internet
  • Included Accommodation

    Your first 2 weeks are stress-free - all accommodation is included! You'll have your own private room in a guesthouse in central Tokyo, with shared living areas with other students and international travellers so you can keep practicing your Japanese. Being in central Tokyo gives you the freedom to explore your new surroundings in between classes with your new friends!

    Your Japanese language school will organize a wide variety of activities to visit Tokyo, get to know your classmates and practice your Japanese skills! Some of the extra activities your school will organize include: city tours, historical walks, Friday night parties, weekend excursions and more!

    Every week your school will offer a free tour of the city for new students, so you can find out the best places to visit, the most exciting restaurants, and the spots that all the locals go to! There are weekly outings to different local restaurants to experience Japanese cuisine with delicious options for the adventurous (and not-so-adventurous). Japanese movies are regularly shown at the school in a variety of genres and ranging from live-action to animated features. On the weekends, the school runs day trips to local festivals, shows and tourist spots. There are cheap group excursions to a local onsen (hot spring) to try Japanese-style bathing and even a weekend volcano trip, so you can experience everything Japan has to offer on your days off!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

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    Can I be a complete beginner? What level of language will I achieve?
  • Optional: SWAP Japan working holiday add-on

    You can do both this Japanese Language and Culture program and our SWAP Japan working holiday program at the same time! Start your work and travel adventure in Japan off right with this 2 week culture package. Be supported for your entire working holiday by adding the SWAP Japan program for FREE!

  • Booking SWAP's Japanese Language and Culture program

    Experiencing the unique and wonderful culture and language of Japan with SWAP is easy. You can register online here, or by phone and talking to a friendly travel counsellor. The choice is yours and our staff will be there to help you either way!

Learn Japanese and experience the unique culture in a way no tourist can with SWAP

Program Info

  • Eligibility

    Canadians ages 18+

  • Registration Timeline

    Apply for SWAP's Japanese Language and Culture program at least 5 weeks prior to your intended arrival

  • Length of Your Visa


  • For Only

    SWAP's Japanese Language and Culture program only $2550 $2000 CAD! That includes 2 weeks of Japanese language classes, 2 weeks of accommodation in a private room in Tokyo, all textbooks and materials needed, 6 modern or cultural activities, plus SWAP's support!

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